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Aquatic Physical Therapy


“The aquatic environment produces physiological changes that help remove metabolic waste, improve cardiac function, lower blood pressure and assist the body in tissue healing.”

– Bruce Becker, MD


 Liberating     •     Comprehensive     •     Motivating


Profound biological and physiological effects extending across all homeostatic systems.

  • Improve cardiovascular fitness
  • Respiratory improvements
  • Spinal and LE decompression
  • Relieve low back pain, degeneration or disk injuries
  • Buoyancy offloading
  • Global and specific stretching and strengthening

Private, personalized instruction includes exercises for conditioning, stretching and increasing Range of Motion, strengthening and stabilization, as well as improving balance and proprioception.

Pool options include:

  • Individualized pool exercise instruction, by appointment
  • Water wellness class, Mondays & Wednesdays, 2:00pm
  • Aquafit Class Monday through Saturday at 10:00am

“The first time I came to PT, I could barely get there.  Then, with pool therapy, it was instantaneous relief. I was able to move pain free!”

        –     Deborah, Cascade 205 PT patient

Aquatic Physical Therapy is available at Cascade 205 Physical Therapy  503–255–1500 

Inside the Cascade 205 Athletic Club  •  9260 SE Stark St  •  Portland, OR 97216

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