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What our patients are saying:

This was an excellent experience.  I am already recommending the clinic to friends.

- Kelly R


Everyone is skilled and professional.  The swimming pool helped me immensely.

- Kevin G


Your entire team was so warm and friendly.  I always felt taken care of and that my health was a priority.

- Sam R


Thanks for everything.  I feel like my health will continue to improve with what I've learned.

- Adam B


The staff from the desk to all clinicians are awesome.  I always suggest people to come here.

- Angie C


I am so pleased with the care at this clinic.  The staff is excellent and so friendly.  Thank you for all you have done for me. The pain is not missed, but you will be.

- Wanda R


Everything was done quite professionally, in a relaxed, friendly environment.  Thanks for the help!

- John M


I am happily surprised that my first ever PT experience has been so positive.

- Linda K


I really liked how the Therapists noticed that my posture was a problem and took steps to correct that.  I really appreciated when the Therapist went to my car to help me figure out the best sitting situation to have a neutral spine.

- Emily L


This was my first experience with physical therapy and I was very surprised and pleased at how the exercises started to help from the first visit and continue today.

- Rosemary O


The level of knowledge and professionalism by everybody here can only be described as superb.

- John J


Thanks for your kindness and gentle understanding. Your help was needed and I appreciated all the talking and listening. I consider you a friend and a healer.

- Bill D


Outstanding care and my symptoms decreased with every visit. I felt well taken care of with lots of confidence in the staff.

- Terry C


You exceeded my expectations.

- Rebecca B


Thank you all for all your hard work and compassion in my recovery process.

- Lorrie S


I am very willing to recommend this clinic to anyone needing physical therapy! The therapists have been exceptional in explaining issues, understanding difficulties and encouraging when there are setbacks. This is the best physical therapy clinic that I have visited!

- Sheryl M

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